Brand New – [Jadagrace] x [Solomon Fox]

I remember when we were writing this, TJ pitched the idea to use tangerine as a metaphor for what I wanted to write about that day. Tangerine represents the emotional attachment I struggled with the past few years. I went through a lot, and instead of healing properly, I relied and depended on people I loved around me to make the pain go away. Ever since I started going to therapy, I’ve finally built strength within myself to heal. I’ve learned the difference between leaning on someone for support, and relying on someone to distract you from what you’re really feeling. When you go through something traumatic, it can bring a feeling of loneliness that I can’t describe. I had people around me that I loved so much, it felt like without them, I would shatter into pieces…and I hated that feeling. So I’m grateful for how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life, but I always know that sometimes it’s necessary to peel away from them so I can grow on my own” – Jadagrace

grouptherapy.’s Jadagrace delivers a refreshing solo performance with a brand new song titled “Brand New.” Produced by Solomon Fox, the track’s vibrancy aligns with Jada’s newfound optimism and reinvigorated spirit. From the very beginning the track captures your attention with Jadagrace’s confident vocals, while Fox’s bouncy production maintains its liveliness. Peep “Brand New” below!