bottles up!-[Tullis] x [Roddy]

“The song ‘bottles up!’ is about keeping up appearances whilst feeling destroyed within. A mix of hip-hop and R&B, containing a stark contrast between the sentiment and the sounds” – Tullis

Phoenix, Arizona artist Tullis returns to Lyrical Lemonade with yet another masterful single titled “bottles up!” The rising, multi-layered artist continues to impress with each release, seemingly leveling up on all creative fronts. Once more introspective, there’s added appreciation to Tullis’ music because it’s always heartfelt. For instance, “bottles up!” catchily and fantastically captures repressed yet strong emotions of discontentment across a wide spectrum. From romantic relationships to familial drama to work/life imbalance, Tullis effortlessly culminates these frustrations in a four minute span. Lyrics, however, are perhaps not the average listener’s main attraction considering his fused hip-hop and R&B base. In other words, even if you mindlessly listen, there’s Drake levels of enjoyment that’s present in Tullis’ records stemming from the addictive vocal and production quality. Not to mention, at some point there needs to be a conversation surrounding his A1 levels of chemistry with producer/audio engineer Roddy, which is a common characteristic for highly-successful mainstream artists releasing hit after hit. Tullis may not be a household name yet, but it’s certainly not because he lacks the capability. In his own questioning words, “How I’m on everyone radar, but still under the radar?” Needless to say, with his talents, resolve and backing, Tullis is someone that’ll be universally acknowledged sooner or later. Listen to “bottles up!” below!