Botherin Me – [ch2rms] x [Twikipedia]

To truly make yourself known within any rising and bustling music scene, not only does an individual have to have quite the large amount of talent at their disposal, but they also must find creative and nuanced ways of flaunting what makes them unique in the first place. It is a daunting task for many, but a doable one nonetheless. 

This sentiment rings true in such a vivid manner when discussing the rising next wave of young pop musicians on the Internet today. To be noticed in such a busy online space, one must really come through with a sense of artistry that’s equally unheard of as it is bursting with quality. 

To say that an artist like ch2rms has been accomplishing exactly what these descriptions entail over the past few months would be selling them short. Their recent string of singles have been incredibly impressive to say the least, with our act in question displaying a brand new sense of flow with an approach to songwriting that they can convincingly call their own. 

Their latest single “Botherin Me” is perhaps the apex of the recent string of success. Bringing in two exceptional talents in Twikipedia and Lei for a verse and instrumental respectively, this track goes above and beyond in proving ch2rms’ staying power and corresponding place within the scene they call home. 

Lei’s bouncing, addicting beat provides the optimal background for ch2rms to do the most on. Their performance here is an ideal showcase of what makes them so great as a singular act: off-the-wall flows, entertaining wordplay, and an overall approach that could not be mistaken for anyone else. Twikipedia’s much more straightforward, yet just as incredible verse of their own does nothing else but add substance to the work ch2rms was able to do here. 

As is the case with numerous acts in this scene, a recent string of outstanding work just leads to more and more improvement on what has already been solidified. That will certainly be the case with ch2rms, as they have done the absolute most in proving themselves already — the next step is about to be taken, and tracks like this do nothing else but prove that fact in full effect.