Bored Wif D Shell – [Jelani Imani] [Jazz Ingram]

Jelani Imani and Jazz Ingram are two talents that we’ve covered on our pages in the past, and today, reminding us of the individuality that the two express in such refreshing ways, they’re here once again to bless us with a brand new release entitled “Bored Wif D Shell”. Impulsively joyful and led by a dreamy instrumental, this song most impactfully finds its identity within the excitable cadences that each artist brings to the mic. The lyrics are playful and energetic, illustrating a strong sense of comradery that you can’t help but love. Imani and Ingram are two artists that you need to be paying attention to, and for proof, simply look to the addictive energy they display in the colorful, imaginative video for this one. “Bored Wif D Shell” is a beautifully eclectic release, so be sure to give it a listen at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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