Bored In The House – [Curtis Roach] x [Tyga]

Last week, a friend of mine was scrolling through a series of Tik-Tok’s all with the same ridiculously catchy song about being bored at home (as we all probably have been sometime in the past few weeks). To my surprise, the artist behind this viral song is one I’ve been familiar with for a couple of years already and have covered on Lyrical Lemonade multiple times in the past. I recognized the lighthearted, slick delivery of Detroit artist Curtis Roach’s comical bars almost instantly and was even more intrigued by the viral trend he had just started.

“Bored In The House” is the infectious quarantine anthem we’ve all been waiting for. It’s extremely simple, and Roach knows how to not take himself too seriously while still spitting some impressive bars about being stuck at home all day. The song’s hook is dumb simple, walking a fine line between obnoxious and genius but coming out on the latter side thanks to Roach’s charisma behind the mic. As if the song weren’t viral enough, it also gets a major feature appearance from none other than Tyga who also spits an outstanding barrage of social distance-inspired heat. Watch the homemade video for “Bored In The House” below: