Bop It – [Fivio Foreign] ft. [Polo G]

One of the best parts about getting a yearly XXL Freshman class is all the collaborations that come from the multitude of artists on the cover. This opportunity for some artists has led to some wild collabs in the past, but it has also led to some long-awaited work between artists as well. Although Fivio Foreign and Polo G have teamed up once or twice in the past, they’re back and better than ever in their latest song together. Throw in a little nostalgia and some Kenny Beats production and the results couldn’t get any better.

The track I’m alluding to, of course, is called “Bop It”, and although it came out late last week, it’s a song I’ve been bumping all weekend so I could help but talk about it. Kenny lays a perfect Drill-Inspired foundation with momentous synths, clattering percussion, and out of the box drums that gives Fivio an incredible path to show off his skills, while also pushing Polo out of his comfort zone slightly, leading to magnificent results. As the song starts up, a short sample that must have been taken from a retro Bop It commercial is played before the instrumental begins to build into Fivio’s infectious chorus. During this portion, Fivio spits random instructions that play along with the song’s theme while also offering up some ad-libbed onomatopoeias in the background that bring so much life to the record, per usual.

For his verse, he spits in his trademark cadence, speaking a few words at a time before taking a breath and coming in on an offbeat, gifting us with another incredibly vivacious verse. When we get into Polo’s second verse, he brings things back to the Midwest with his aggressive yet uncanny truthful flows. Capalot’s words just roll right off his tongue in an effortless yet insistent fashion and hearing his talents on a different type of instrumental just leaves me speechless unlike ever before as his words are spoken in a hasty and energetic manner. Moving throughout this song, the two emcees take turns talking about beautiful women, their successes in the industry, certain violent themes, and many more topics sprinkled throughout.

As for the accompanying music video, we’re shown a mixture of their lavish lifestyles combined with even more nostalgic things, and I couldn’t be more excited about the outcome. When the song begins to play, two lovely women open the doors to a massive mansion where Fivio is standing with his friends as they’re surrounded by a slew of even more attractive ladies, all holding Super Soakers. Everyone’s dancing around and having a blast before we’re taken to a game of twister where Fivio is dressed in a tie-dye jumpsuit, blending in with the colorful game as the girls stretch out all over the colored spots. The next scene displays Fivio sitting on the side of a bubble bath as bubbles float around in the air. Even more half-naked women are in the tub, dancing around and making a mess of the suds, but no one cares at all due to all the fun they’re having, understandably.

For the second hook, Kenny Beats makes an appearance in the backyard to help judge a Slip N Slide contest, joining in on all the fun that the two artists have been having throughout the entire video so far. When Polo comes in, he takes us out front to show off the plethora of luxurious cars that are parked there prior to certain shots taken on the grand staircase where he’s joined by even more of the multitude of ladies spread throughout the visual. Finally, we’re led out of the visual with a wild scene that shows Fivio in a bounce house, jumping around with all the models who seem to continue to have the time of their lives in an old school, retro way that takes many viewers back to their childhood.

It’s no secret that this song was bound to be a hit after seeing the two artists come together and hop on a Kenny Beats instrumental, and the results speak for themselves. While the hook might seem slightly elementary, it is as catchy as can be and it’ll get cemented into your mind after just one listen, so be prepared to sing along. Fivio’s energy is at an all-time high, as it normally is, and Polo grounds this track with his quick, aggressive bars that are as masterful as ever. The video definitely couples with this track perfectly and I honestly couldn’t ask for anything else to make this offering any better. If you haven’t heard Fivio Foreign’s latest Kenny Beats-produced song “Bop It” featuring Polo Capalot quite yet, make sure you tune in to see all the fun that you’ve been missing out on.