Booth Fairy – [Ola Runt]

Atlanta’s Ola Runt has been proving himself to be a rare type of talent that can perfectly blend technical rapping skill and undeniable charisma and because of this he has been strengthening his growing grip on the attention of the Atlanta underground, and on his latest single “Booth Fairy” Ola exhibits all of the aspects about him that have made him an easy choice to earn the title of “next-up” out of zone six. AR handled the spellbinding and thumping production and this instrumental lent itself well for Ola’s skill set, allowing him to both hit interesting melodies and navigate the beat fairly effortlessly. Not only does Ola refuse to back down when talking his shit, but additionally he has the rare gift of wit that makes his bars all the more entertaining. Ola Runt is going to be a superstar and it is only a matter of time until the entire world is woken up to that inevitability.