Boost – [SVRITE]

With all of the sounds and styles that have emerged out of Florida, one of my favorites have to be the aggressive style of rap. This specific sound I was introduced to throughout the late great XXXTENTACION, it’s amazing to see other artists still carrying the sound forward and keeping it alive–especially being from the same state. Orlando-native SVRITE has been making a killing the game, and has been putting up some serious numbers in Spotify–clocking in almost 12 million streams last year. Making a debut on the LL platform, SVRITE is coming in with a new single titled “Boost”.

Produced by Twiist, this track features close resemblance to Kodak Black’s “Calling My Spirit”. While this one is reproduced to maintain its own originality, you can still hear the heart and soul of the original. Nonetheless, the song still comes with high energy. That heavy bass, distorted snares and high energy is what drives this track. When asked about the record, SVRITE says:

“The original BOOST freestyle was a song I dropped in 2018 on Soundcloud over a Kodak Black instrumental. It signified the start of me making music that directly reflected what I was experiencing in life. Last year, I was working on a track called ‘Pissed Off’ with my producer Twiist about a woman who pushed me off the deep end. Around the same time fans started flooding the comments on my life after I previewed the original. As a thank you for all the support they have given me in the past, I decided to release this studio quality version.”

Stream SVRITE’s latest single “Boost” below!