BOOKMARK – [mynameisntjmack]

Take a deep breath in and now breathe out… Just like that, all of your anxieties and stresses can go away now that the new mynameisntjmack EP is upon us. Clocking in at a hefty 250,000 monthly listeners, mynameisntjmack just dropped his best project to date on us at the perfect time – right as his momentum continues to heighten and the summer days begin to inch closer to us. A 6-song masterpiece that includes three new tunes, “BOOKMARK” marks  the beginning of a new chapter and closing of an old for mynameisntjmack as he shows himself in his most creative and forward-thinking form yet. Paired with a cohesive rollout and a seven minute mockumentary-style visual that showcases bits of each of the project’s songs in their own unique light, “BOOKMARK” serves as a reflection period influenced by a culmination of life-changing experiences from the past year. Evaluating jmack’s past, present, and future goals through an in-depth digestion of new experiences and anxiously planning for those to come, “BOOKMARK” feels like the perfect next step for mynameisntjmack as he continues to move mountains with his artist project.  

Encompassing his most diverse soundscape to date, mynameisntjmack finds himself exploring everything from raw, emotional jazz raps (“scars”, “transport”) to vibey nocturnal bangers (“outtheway, “numbersnshit”), and adventurous combinations of the two (“Leak”), in “BOOKMARK”. A project that showcases his versatility to the highest degree, “BOOKMARK” is a relatively laid-back EP with timeless beat selection and rhymes that will make you kick your feet up and say “wow!”. A breathe of fresh air,  mynameisntjmack opens the project up with his musical partner in crime, Tommy Richman, where the two ran it back like old times in “numbersnshit” for their 3rd collab song in the last 15 months – a much-needed anthem we can all get behind. Then comes “outtheway” which is debatably my second favorite song off the project before getting into the beef of the EP made up of the three previously released singles. Finishing it all off with a piano-driven instrumental and an opulent outro – mynameisntjmack delivered a masterclass on how to spit on the project’s grande finale which put the icing on the cake that is “BOOKMARK”.

That said, if you’re a fan of Isaiah Rashad, MAVI, Vince Staples, or Earl Sweatshirt, I recommend you go check out this new mynameisntjmack tape A.S.A.P.. This is a project that you won’t want to miss, so don’t blame yourself later for not listening to me sooner.