Boof EP + Brief Interview – [Vela Seff]

Vela Seff’s long-awaited debut beat tape has finally released via Soundcloud. Vela has had a great career thus far, but we were eager to see what he’d do with this project. He shows us that he has developed his sound and gives us a taste of what to expect as we move forward. He kept things under wraps, only working with a select few artists on the project. Accredited features include 3T Brax, Lil Citgo, and Lil Icy and Vela kept things in house with DJ Stain hosting the tape. But much to the surprise of fans, Vela also dropped a track where he raps, which happens to be the title track of the tape. I was excited to get a chance to catch up with Vela right after he dropped the tape to recap everything and let us know what’s next.

LL: Congratulations on releasing the tape, is this a defined Vela Seff sound?  What can we expect?

VS: This is just the beginning. I do feel like I have defined my sound but there’s so much more that people haven’t heard from me.

LL: Like the rapping? Do you like it? Or were you just having fun with it?

VS: I do. It’s just now I have the confidence and my voice finally isn’t annoying t0 me so I can finally do it.

LL: So we will definitely hear more in the future then?

VS: Of course. I’ve already got like 2-3 more songs lined up and ready to be released. I’m just waiting for the perfect time.

LL: Do you feel that you’ve defined your sound as a producer with this project?

VS: I Feel like its only the start of what i can achieve. This is just a little sample of what I have to offer.

LL: What is your relationship with the artists involved with the tape? I know you like to keep things in house.

VS: Definitely keeping things in-house with DJ Stain. He’ll be one of the main DJs hosting my projects. The rappers involved are artists i’ve come across that I endorse. Our sounds come together nicely and i’m able to put my twist on the sound so i had a lot of fun with the project.


Check out the project below!