Bonnie – [Franchika]

Franchika is a Chicago native who I have been aware of for the past few years due to her musical talents, and tonight she is back on our website with her brand new offering titled “Bonnie”. When you think of Chicago you might think of the crazy amount of rap/hip-hop talent that the city is producing, but you have to take a step back and realize that there’s many artists in several different genres who are coming up in our community, and on the R&B tip Franchika is one of the best rising artists who is making moves. This joint here did a great job of displaying Franchika’s range as an artist, at certain parts of the song she was showing off her ability to make melodies, while at other she proved to be an elite singer as well as pretty solid when it came to the raps. Stream this new release below and if you enjoy these R&B vibes that Franchika is providing, then be sure to give her a follow on Twitter here!

Produced by Madindvn