Bonnet Freestyle – [Big Jade]

Over the past few years, there has been an absolutely remarkable movement of women entering the rap scene full force and never looking back. They bring a new sense of empowerment to people, especially other women, all over the world, and they’re making such an immense mark on the music industry that I can’t help but applaud this incredible movement. While some of these artists seem to have it made from the moment they stepped foot in the game, others, such as Texas’s very own Big Jade, have to work overtime to make their dreams come true.

While Jade has an amazing crowd of supporters and possesses such incredible talent, she still has to juggle a blossoming music career with things like being a single mother as well as a part-time hairdresser on the side. Recently, she decided to make another claim as to why she deserves a moment in the spotlight with her latest freestyle entitled “Bonnet”, and it’s definitely going to turn some heads once people begin to notice her unique talents and stop sleeping on her.

As far as the production is concerned, her rap mentor BeatKing flipped a classic Missy Elliot track and sampled “Hot Boyz”, putting his own spin on the nostalgic record that is almost too perfect for Big Jade. As Jade comes in, though, her distinct personality and ruthless delivery are noticeable right from the jump. She attacks each line with such a calculated assault and makes sure to not leave any stone unturned, covering the entire slew of topics she planned on without even skipping a beat. Her skills are abundant and although it’s hard to tell if this was truly off the dome or not, but if it was, she could go toe to toe with any of the best freestylers out there without a second thought.

Aside from the song, she also delivered a quick music video directed by Two 3 Films where she introduces us to her life at home. Here, she takes care of her daughter throughout the entire video, brushing her hair, cooking her food, and even walking her to the bus stop in order to show off just how good of a mother she truly is, yet the song itself is honestly what captured my attention more than anything. Jade’s drive and work ethic is nothing short of admirable, to say the least, and these things combined with her natural talents are definitely going to take her to the next level and beyond. So, with that being said, if you’re not familiar with Big Jade quite yet, get in tune with her latest song “Bonnet Freestyle” and the music video that accompanies it.