Bond Money – [DJ Flippp] ft. [Lil Bibby] [Thouxanban Fauni] [BandManFari]

DJ Flippp exclusives have blessed us with an unrivaled number of bangers in the past, and today, bringing together yet another superstar cast for his newest offering, Flippp blesses the music world with “Bond Money” featuring Lil Bibby, Thouxanban Fauni, and BandManFari. Produced by the DJ himself as well as 12Million, this track hits the ground running from the very first second it starts. No time is wasted within the ominous melodies and rapidly-paced, deeply-cut drum patterns, and one verse after another, we hear each one of these artists drop off some of their best verses in recent times, showing off the unbelievable amount of firepower that “Bond Money” holds. Match this up with a chorus that I can guarantee you won’t be able to forget, and quite confidently, I can say that DJ Flippp has given us a heater for the ages. But don’t just take my word for it, listen to “Bond Money” below and let us know what you think in the comments!