Bond Hold – [DCG Shun] & [DCG Bsavv]

A young man’s game is a phrase that people use to describe various different things, but it feels like over the past few years, it’s a saying that has taken over the music industry. I think there are some caveats to this, though. I say that because while it seems like artists are getting introduced into the hip-hop world at younger ages, they really come into their own as they have bobbed and weaved through the industry for a couple of years. The DCG Brothers are a perfect example of this because the two siblings took the world by storm a couple of years ago with their aggressively youthful personalities, but I feel like they have only gotten better with experience and maturity.

Their album Jungle Life which dropped back in April is the only thing you need to hear to see their growth as artists and as people, because they are on a whole new level than they were even last year when they were dropping single after single. While these songs were awesome, they weren’t going to be able to necessarily get people to take them seriously in music despite the fact that they were certainly being taken seriously in the streets.

The music industry is just different, and it takes time and hard work to navigate the business, so I am certainly grateful that these two young sensations have been able to thrive with every new release, especially their brand-new track “Bond Hold”. This one omits all of the playful, slightly youthful elements of their sound and proves that they’re here to make a statement no matter what it takes.

Over the super menacing, shadowy piano instrumental, each emcee takes turns spitting the most authoritative bars I could ever imagine, demonstrating their skills alongside the fact that they’re not here to play games, and you certainly shouldn’t take them lightly whatsoever. While the No More Heroes-directed video shows them performing here in the city, throwing ragers at the barber shop, and being the life of the party no matter where they’re at, these two spitters are seriously taking it up a notch heading into 2023, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see what’s next for the DCG Brothers!