#BodyRockas – [Huncho Da Rockstar] & [Kblast]

The duo out of Texas known for soundtracking many of this years’ most viral dance crazes have come together to unleash their debut album to the world. After catching fire with “The Mop” late last year, the duo has been consistent in dropping songs that get people moving. The adequately titled #BodyRockas is front to back bass thumpers that are as ready for TikTok as they are for the blowing speakers. Both Huncho and Kblast bring incredible energy to any track they on, their lyrics often come off as instructions to get people moving. Its a damn shame COVID is preventing large gatherings as this project would most certainly make any club electric with any of these songs.

With their singles “Get Loose” and “WURK” gaining popularity, the duo have released their much-anticipated debut album that is chock-full of songs that don’t ever really let you stop moving. As soon as the 808s begin kicking on “Str8 Out The Door” the tone for the rest of the project can be felt immediately. Both Huncho and Kblast have an innate ability for trading verses back and forth with ease. Their voices come through incredibly distinct, each artist being able to shift between creative rhyme schemes and immaculate flows that still come off incredibly smooth with the hard-hitting production. The beats throughout the album was almost all provided by TisaKorean and Mighty Bay, the two who have been soundtracking a majority of the dance hits emerging out of Texas as of late.

There are a number of songs on #BodyRockas that have immense potential to blow when a creative TikTok creator finds the perfect dance to accompany any of the heaters on the album. Songs like “SUV”, “SwagBagLean”, and “Bullsh*t” are all songs that evoke the feeling to get up and start nodding your head and moving your feet. This album is nonstop energy, honestly with most clubs being closed the best place to listen to this project is in a parking lot with all the doors open to let your car speakers max out while you enjoy a strong debut from Huncho Da Rockstar and Kblast. The Gogettas as a whole seem to be growing quickly as their unique brand of hip-hop begins to slowly take over the airwaves, be on the lookout for more projects from the Dallas legends in the making soon.

Listen to #BodyRockas on all platforms here and watch the video for “SwagBagLean” below!