BODYCRY – [Gidi]

From time to time, you’ll meet someone and it’s almost immediately evident that they’re going to be successful no matter what they do. Maryland-raised, L.A.-based r&b artist, Gidi, is the perfect example of this and I’m so sure of it. When you talk to him you can get a sense of how deep his desire to be great is and it’s unlike just about anyone you’ll come across. His ambition to make incredible art oozes out of him and it rubs off on everyone who has the privilege to have a conversation with him. That said, there’s zero question in my mind that Gidi was put on this earth to make great music that you all will love, so I’m thrilled to be casting the Lyrical spotlight on him today to give you all a glimpse of the universe that he is creating. 

Following up my two favorite Gidi records to date (“CHAINS” and “Damned”), Gidi revisited the release circle this week and dropped off yet another banger. Entitled, “BODYCRY”, the record is a forward-thinking r&b tune with heavy hip-hop influences and is probably Gidi’s most experimental record to date. Toying in between pitched up vocals and his normal tone which Gidi sprinkled in throughout the record (at the 1 minute mark and the second verse), Gidi reveals his artistry in a different light in “BODYCRY” while also managing to stick to the cohesive and signature Gidi sound that we’ve come to know and love. Produced by Jabari Manwa, Thorington, Liam Barr Jones, and Gidi himself, the instrumental has a wavy, yet futuristic feel to it that gives Gidi enough space to craft a masterpiece overtop of it. With numerous twists and turns throughout the record, “BODYCRY”, is an exceptionally dynamic showing from Gidi as he raps probably more than he has in any released song while also incorporating his bread and butter singing moments. Keeping us all on our toes with the record’s unpredictability, “BODYCRY”, is a rollercoaster that I suggest everyone tap in with because this is not a tune that you’re going to want to miss.

Check it out using the link below!