Bob Ross – [A$AP Ant] ft. [Lulu P] & [A$AP Twelvyy]

Right at the end of last year, A$AP Ant decided to bless us with his unbelievable project entitled Lil Black Jean Jacket 2, an album containing 17 songs that ran just under 40 minutes long. While I think it goes without saying that Ant is one of the more underrated members of A$AP Mob, he knows exactly how talented he is, and fans aren’t quick to forget that either.

A few days ago, the homie hit me up and told me about a brand-new music video for the album’s record “Bob Ross” which also features the unbelievably talented Lulu P and fellow Mob member A$AP Twelvyy. While I’m not entirely sure who shot this flick, I do know that they made it an entire community affair, bringing out what seemed like the whole city of New York to back up some of the best emcees coming out of the city. Opening up in a crowd of people, certain individuals are showing off their designer garments as well as the substances they’re carrying around with them like lean and countless blunts, of course.

The entire visual seems to have some sort of granular filter as we move on throughout, giving the video this lo-fi, homemade aesthetic that I always find appealing in music videos for songs like this. Along with this, there are some extremely interesting transitional shots from scene to scene, one of my favorites happening earlier on as we’re taken from one shot to another with a little help from Ant’s double cup. Beyond this, things are kept pretty simplistic as the song does the bulk of the talking, yet Ant and his crew cruise around the city in their Tesla while other clips even show the awesome Vlone Forgiato rims that are nice accent pieces on another luxurious vehicle later on.

Although it has been quite some time since the last Cozy Tapes was released by the Mob, I can’t help but think about that series when talking about members like Ant and Twelvyy. While they make incredible music on their own, I can’t stress enough that even with heavy-hitting names on those projects like Rocky, Ferg, Playboi Carti, Chief Keef, Lil Uzi, and more, the aforementioned two talents are some of the biggest hidden gems throughout, yet it seems like these other names overshadow some of these moments at times. Once again, true A$AP Mob fans know just how gifted and amazing Ant and Twelvyy are, and if you somehow don’t “Bob Ross” is the perfect example of just a few of the many things they can pull off, so make sure you tune in ASAP, no pun intended.