Bob and Weave – [BFB Da Packman] ft. [Zack Fox]

In the current day and age of Rap music, it can be hard to find artists who are bringing something new to the table rather than pretty much copy and pasting the style and individuality of other talents. That’s why, when listening to BFB Da Packman, you get a breath of fresh air because he’s unlike any other artist in the industry. Insert Zack Fox, a Twitter comedian-turned-rapper who has been turning heads left and right with his comedic outlook on music that is seriously as interesting as any other artist out there.

Combine these two comedic yet immensely talented individuals on a song together, and the outcome is exactly as special as you would’ve expected. The result of this collaboration is “Bob and Weave” a highlight off of BFB’s debut album Fat N****s Need Love too that is full of clever one-liners, comedic bars, and outrageous lyrics that you need to hear for yourself to truly appreciate. Considering most fans have heard this record by now, I was pleasantly surprised to see this duo come together for a remarkable music video shot by none other than Sira Sounds, the man behind Kenny Beats’ incredibly YouTube series “The Cave”, and the result is everything I could ask for and then some.

Although the scenery seems somewhat low budget, these two talents bring all the entertainment you could ask for. Hanging out in a backyard around a bench press, some weights, and a table, they trade off bars as they rotate through a variety of comical dance moves and antics that keep you entertained from start to finish. While this is happening, a larger green screen decorates their rearview as various viral internet video clips are shown, only accentuating the scene more than ever before. Aside from this, they ride around on rented electric scooters and hang out with some patrons in the parking lot of a local convenience store, letting their one-of-a-kind personalities carry them through this creative and unique music video.

Considering this is one of my favorite songs off of BFB’s debut album, I couldn’t be more excited for the music video, and you should be too. With that being said, the brand-new visual for BFB Da Packman and Zack Fox’s hit song “Bob and Weave” is something you need in your life right now, making it a video that should cause you to stop whatever you’re doing and tune in for three minutes because its three minutes that you’re going to enjoy from the moment you press play until the moment it comes to an end.