Blue- [Will in the Sky] x [Tombo]

While I do tend to cover a lot of Chicago/Illinois based artists, I feel that it is important to acknowledge what is happening in Milwaukee, Wisconsin right now with the rise of multi-talented artists Tombo and Will in the Sky. “Blue” is a new single from Will’s upcoming album, DEATH INFINITE. I refer to Tombo as a multidisciplinary creator because he produced and mixed this song alongside Charley Cooks, and still managed to lay his wavy singing vocals down to make the end result that much sweeter. Will is also an artist of many crafts, spitting some decent bars and mastering the track to perfection while also providing the insane rose-constructed skull cover art which could easily have a post dedicated to itself. Tombo has been dropping nothing but consistent mood tracks for the past year flexing his production skills as well as his mesmerizing singing voice which is destined to spread way past Wisconsin. “Blue” is certainly a team effort that you do not want to sleep on so hit play below and be on the lookout for Death Infinite from Will in the Sky real soon!