Blue Vegeta – [MANILA GREY]

It wouldn’t really be summer without a strong new track from one of Canada’s most prolific duos MANILA GREY. The group made up of emcee Neeko and singer Soliven have been featured on our pages heavily but with each and every drop it seems like they level up their sound by building off of their previous success to show how vast their range is. This evolution is exactly what I love to see from a group that has always been pushing the boundaries of their genre, making R&B that sounds like its straight out of the year 2030.

On their most recent single “Blue Vegeta”, both members go full Super Saiyan in terms of flexing their respective talents. This song feels like a statement to their fans who have seen their careers take off in recent years, Soliven boasts about flexing like his Lolo or Neeko creating a monsoon of blue banknotes. Producer Azel North always sets the duo up perfectly for sonics that allows each artist to shine. This is the lead single to their highly anticipated album¬†No Saints on Knight Street, with the rollout officially underway it seems that they are fully on go mode before the album drops in November. It’s not going to be a project you want to miss.

Check out “Blue Vegeta” on all platforms here!