Blue – [Lil Xelly]

It’s been a few weeks since I last talked about Lil Xelly, but don’t get me wrong, my admiration for him hasn’t faltered even slightly. This might not seem like a lot of time has passed when thinking of other artists, but with Xelly releasing constant songs and visuals, it almost seems as if years have passed with the amount of music he has dropped since I last wrote about him.

I’ve mentioned how he’s one of the premier workhorses in the music industry, but this is nothing new to fans who are familiar with his work. One of his most recent singles “Blue” just received a music video treatment, so I couldn’t help but talk about the record and cover the visual as well. GeeohhS, the producer who brought this instrumental to life, does so through lighthearted, mystifying melodies, tapping percussion, and consistently pungent drums that provide a quick and simplistic base for Xelly’s powerful voice to steal the show, as it normally does. As he spits the hook, his lines are unrushed and fluent as each and every word shines through and comes off easily interpreted, allowing you to truly ingest every bar he brings to life.

Heading into the verse, he quiets himself to almost a whisper as he heavily breathes his lines through the microphone and provides some subdued energy that is elevated by the similarly recited ad-libs in the distance. He continues on to slowly but surely raise the level of vigor behind his words, speeding up his cadence and truly going off the rails in a fashion that is unmatched by anyone else in the music scene which is another reason he is making such a strong name for himself throughout his tenure in the industry. His charisma is simply as captivating as it is infectious, and you can’t help but zone in and focus on the talented artist when he’s speaking, at least in my opinion.

As for the music video, he teams up with director JayJay Thakar to provide a visual for the record, and it’s truly as out of this world as the song itself is. Certain greenscreen shots are shown as Xelly transports to another universe where cars fly through the air and crash in the distance, exploding into fiery plumes in his rearview. Certain scenes show his silhouette as blue math equations fill the space where his body should be, not only adding some interesting patterns but also demonstrating the fact that Xelly is always on point and intelligent, obviously. Other scenes take us to his car where he sits in the driver’s seat with the door open, dancing and reciting his lines as he shows off his G-Star jacket, Gucci watch, and Balenciaga shoes, just a few of the endless designer goods he has been known to rock. While there aren’t too many different settings used, the various animations almost come secondary to the unbelievable personality that Xelly consistently brings to the table time and time again, with this visual being no exception.

In all honesty, it’s tough to say that this is my favorite track ever from Lil Xelly just because it’s one offering in a pool of probably thousands of songs, at this point, but it is a hit in all senses of the word, undeniably. He constantly switches through flows and deliveries that continue to keep listeners enthralled throughout the entire record, and although it’s not surprising if you’re familiar with Lil Xelly, it’s prominent and noteworthy without a doubt. I don’t understand how music fans continue to sleep on the Maryland star because even if this isn’t for you particularly, he has so many other sounds and styles he has delivered over the past few years that there’s definitely a style you’d be into, so without begging, I think it’s time for people to wake up and give him the props he absolutely deserves. Nonetheless, he’s going to keep his eye on the prize and his head down as he continues to level up in the industry, so I highly suggest you get in tune with Lil Xelly on his most recent track “Blue” before diving into the copious amounts of other remarkable music he has gifted us throughout the years.