Blue Jean Bandit – [TM88] x [Southside] ft. [Young Thug] [Future] [Moneybagg Yo]

I’ve always been a fan of producers getting together to add their own flares and special skills into a single song. Rappers and singers do this all the time, bringing their own unique styles and sounds to a counterpart’s music, but producers typically remain on their own, at least in the mainstream. This is why when two hit-makers as notorious as TM88 and Southside hop on a track together, it’s bound to blow some minds without a doubt. Add in household names like Young Thug, Future, and Moneybagg Yo, and you already know it’s going to top all sorts of charts. This is because not only is every single one of these artists well known and even more well respected in the industry, but they’ve all worked pretty extensively together so they know each other’s abundant strengths and can even recognize some of their minuscule weaknesses, which aren’t very evident or obvious whatsoever when it comes to any of these talents.

The song that all of these powerhouses collide on is called “Blue Jean Bandit” and boasts a runtime of just about four minutes, which is pretty lengthy considering the relatively short attention spans of a lot of music listeners in this technologically advanced time period. Intense, momentous piano keys, booming 808s, and powerful, chattering percussion all come together to lay a murderous foundation for this track. TM88 and Southside do a fantastic job of creating a vibe and painting a portrait before any of the rappers actually come into the picture, which is very telling of their skills and experience in the industry.

It comes off as if Thugger is possessed by some sort of underworld demon, as he spits certain bars regularly before shrieking and shouting random noises and ad-libs in the hook. As he gets into his actual verse, he tones this persona down just a bit, making it easier to understand his words a bit more, but he continues to use a sort of devilish sound on the ad-libs at the ends of his lines and in the background. Throughout his portion of the track, Thugger uses his always creative wordplay to discuss things like his expensive diamonds, not being able to be there for his girl all the time so she gets mad, and his well-deserved place at the top of the Rap industry. Moneybagg comes in for the second verse, providing his smooth, unaltered voice in order to bring a bit more normalcy to the track after Thug went off the rails. His cadence isn’t overly impressive, to begin with, but it begins to diversify and gain momentum about halfway through, leading to some very solid input from the Memphis talent. Following along with his predecessor, he mentions topics like lavish things he buys because he can, coming up from the streets, and how he made his dreams become reality.

Finally, Future comes in for the final short verse, leaving a cherry on top for sure. He matches Thug’s demeanor much more than Moneybagg’s, as he can be heard hollering and yelling throughout just like his fellow Atlanta collaborator. His flow impressively switches up at least three times, showing off some quick bars combined with more melodic lines, as well as a mixture of both as he moves along. Much like the other artists on the song, Future doesn’t want to stray too far away from the common themes, so he decided to also talk about his insanely expensive jewelry, luxurious cars, and shopping at designer stores.

If Thug and Future stuck to the normal script and didn’t try something new, this song would obviously still be good, but it wouldn’t really be anything earth-shattering. Although the wild and over the top additions to their verses were a bit too crazy for my liking, it kept the song interesting and it certainly kept me on my toes. With the addition of Moneybagg Yo’s verse stuck right in the middle, it somewhat broke up the chaos and hecticness, bringing the song back down to Earth before sending it right back into another dimension with Future’s part. I can’t say this is necessarily what I expected before giving this track a listen, but I was pretty pleased with the results, so I don’t have many complaints whatsoever. TM88 and Southside unsurprisingly created another hit with “Blue Jean Bandit”, so check out the new track below.