Blue Gatorade – [Jazz Ingram]

It should come as no secret that Jazz Ingram and producer Your Friend, Kami are one of my favorite pairings in music right now. Put simply, the two have curated a style unlike anything else out, and with their latest collaborative release — “Blue Gatorade” — they turn their eclectic world into a soul-swinging display of artistry that simply demands for a matching video to round out the picture. Today, revisiting the recently-released song, the two are here to bless us with just this.

In regards to sheer cinematography, “Blue Gatorade” has to be one of the most impressive visual releases that I’ve seen all year. Each scene is carefully curated in aesthetics, and as a result, the vibrant allure and refreshing palette of colors make every moment pop to its full potential. In addition, building off of such, the storyline here is truly alluring, bringing into my head the thought that “Blue Gatorade” is one of very few recent music videos that has kept me so attentive all the way throughout. From the opening fight to the closing moments, the cast of talented characters here shine in the finest and purest of ways, painting a perfect picture of why Atlanta is sitting on a hotbed of star-bound talent right now — Jazz Ingram being one of the first in line.

That said, words don’t capture how impressed and excited I am to share “Blue Gatorade” with our readers, so go show some love and check this one out below! Quite frankly, few, if not any, artists of Jazz’s current stature are doing anything as remarkable and boundary-pushing as this song and complementary visual. So yeah, “Blue Gatorade” is a good one.

Directed by Ethan Nelson
Additional credits in the description of the video!