Blue Gatorade – [Jazz Ingram] [Your Friend, Kami]

Chemistry is key when it comes to making music. As we’ve seen countless times in the past, the artists that take the time to build a rapport with a producer often see better musical results than those that simply use random beats sent to them over email, and furthermore, the former tend to build music that lasts much longer than the latter. On one hand, it comes down to trust and the art of seeing eye-to-eye, while on the other hand, this is truly just a force of nature, as two talented people are guaranteed to dig a little deeper the longer they spend time with both one another and the music, itself. Needless to say, one artist-producer team that has displayed this better than just about anyone is Jazz Ingram and Your Friend, Kami: two Lyrical Lemonade favorites who are here today with a brand new offering, “Blue Gatorade.”

Speaking to the aforementioned point of the importance of chemistry, the refreshing, off-kilter production here is something that Jazz clearly knows how to navigate because of his experience in working with Kami. Put simply, the two understand one another’s visions better than anyone else, and as a result, songs like “Blue Gatorade” are able to take wildly successful creative risks that wouldn’t be possible without such a strong bond.

With that said, it’s also important to take note of the lyrics here. Jumping from one topic to the next, Ingram certainly covers a lot of ground, but he never loses sight of the emotional honesty of the song, always coming back to the point at hand in a way that keeps listeners captivated without jumping off-topic. This masterful sense for songwriting has only gotten better in the time that I’ve been covering Ingram’s work, and as we can see in his latest release, the pairing between this skill and his colorful palette of cadences is something that is sure to turn listeners’ heads.

Wrapping things together, “Blue Gatorade” marks yet another fantastic collaboration between two of the most exciting talents in music right now, so don’t sleep on this one. The sonic adventures of Jazz Ingram and Your Friend, Kami are always intriguing to watch — just stream “Blue Gatorade” for proof!

Cover Art by Sylvie Cohen