Blue Eyes White Devil – [aftrmind]

Based out of Minnesota, the 8-man Infinite One collective has been making waves with their abrasive, DIY approach to hip-hop that brings to mind artists like XXXTENTACION and the rest of the Members Only collective while still maintaining a sound that is completely their own. Aftrmind is the leader of the crew, and he just dropped Blue Eyes White Devil, a tape made in 48 hours. Don’t let the 48 hours fool you into thinking that this is a lazy tape though – it’s impressively strong, especially for being made in such a short time. One of Aftrmind’s biggest strengths is his wild range of flows – most of the tracks on here are absolute bangers, but they’re all made unique by his strength to switch it up from track to track. Almost everyone from Infinite makes an appearance on here, which makes this a good introduction to the crew. This isn’t necessarily an easy listen – there’s abrupt shouting of verses, unsettling autotune, and bass so heavy that it might bust your speakers, but it’s all done in a way that makes it a completely unique listening experience. This is the closest thing to punk hip-hop that I’ve heard in a while, and it’s completely dope. Based on this tape, the Infinite crew is going to be doing some wild things in the next few months – this is the perfect place to hop on board.

Standout Tracks: “Sailor Moon”, “6 Cylinder”, “Shampoo”, “Thought U Was Sweat”

Listen to Blue Eyes White Devil below.