Blowing Candles – [PG RA]

South Carolina’s PG RA quietly dropped one of the best project rap projects in August so far with his new album ‘Blowing Candles’. South Carolina is following up right behind North Carolina in what will be an outbreak of talented rappers deriving from the state. PG RA might have one of the brightest futures out of the new crop of talent that they have to offer. I found myself running through ‘Blowing Candles’ multiple times and it proves to be a thorough body of work from top to bottom. One of the elements that make this project so special is the production. Jetsonmade who has been one of the breakout producers in 2019 producer the majority if not all the songs on the project. Tracks such as “Still Showin’ My Ass” and “First Class Freestyle” server as a great indication of PG RA’s untapped potential.

Check out PG RA’s new album ‘Blowing Candles’ in its entirety below.