Blow A Bag – [YBS Skola] ft. [Meek Mill]

It can often be very difficult to be able to build a rap career behind bars. Dreamchaser’s own YBS Skola is here to prove otherwise. Having been signed to Meek Mill back in 2017, Skola has been able to remain consistent with providing new music that would lay the groundwork for his career to come. Last month, he released his latest project titled Minor Setback which is the perfect interpretation of what his prison sentence has done for him.

“A minor setback for a major comeback,” he preaches in his intro, which is a phone call from jail. Despite being behind bars, he has the talent and the skill level to be able to thrive otherwise, and his single titled “Blow A Bag” will do just that. Accompanied by a Meek Millfeature, Skola keeps that street anthem in his back pocket and this could very well carry his name and his music all while still being behind bars. Regardless of his current circumstances, Skola very well has the charisma, the vocal delivery, and the energy to be able to resume his career right where he left off and be able to thrive like his talent level awards him to.

Having such a powerful figure like Meek behind him will surely lead him to bigger and better opportunities once he is a free man, and the world will soon be fully familiarized with his work.

Stream “Blow A Bag” feat. Meek Mill Below!