Bloomin Blck-[Neaux ID]

Dallas, Texas based artist Neaux ID makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his excellent new EP titled Bloomin Blck. With seven songs total, each track contains its own unique flare as Neaux showcases his undeniable rap prowess. With wavy, mellow production, sonically there’s an offering for just about everyone as a result of ID’s multi-syllabic flows. The song “BLVD Surfin” is a great example, since it contains addictive levels of bass but still maintains the project’s surrounding chill vibe. In a very broad sense, Neaux’s sound is if JID, Pink Siifu, and Isaiah Rashad were all merged into one super artist. His delivery more often than not is composed, but his lyrical ability successfully provides the proper amount of emphasis and aggression when needed. Conceptually and creatively Bloomin Blck gives off impressions of empowerment; each track is a stream of consciousness connected to the flower, aka the source of Neaux ID’s flourishing expressions. It’s always refreshing to hear a rap predominant project that’s more uplifting than disheartening, and Bloomin Blck is certainly the former. Start your day right by listening to the EP below!