BLOOM – [Dre Wave$]

In my humble, yet probably biased opinion, there’s no region that has more potential coming out of its up-and-coming scene than the DMV. Well-known amongst the DMV rap community, D.C.’s Dre Wave$ has been a staple figure within the scene who’s been helping to lay the foundation for a major uprising in the area. A voice that stands out amongst any group of vocalists, Dre Wave$’ vocal tone reminds me of artists such as A$AP Ferg and Freddie Gibbs, which when combined with his undeniable bar-spitting ability makes for a lethal combination. With that in mind, I’m thrilled to be highlighting Dre Wave$’ newest offering today which is easily one of my favorite projects out of the DMV undeground in the first half of 2023. 

After dropping his lead single, “Nothin Betta”, with WESTSIDE BOOGIE, back in mid-May, Dre Wave$ came correct with a whole body of work to add gas to the fire that’s already begun to take its course. Released this past Wednesday on May 31st, Wave$’ new 14-song album, “BLOOM”,  has the potential to be the soundtrack of your summer. Bars and tasteful beat selection throughout, Wave$ rides overtop of bright and upbeat productions throughout the majority of the project which will be sure to put any haters permanently on mute for the foreseeable future. Assembling some close-collaborators to take part in the album on top of the WESTSIDE BOOGIE feature, Wave$ called on the likes of MARCO PLUS, Ty Thom, Riley Kennedy, and more, to help make “BLOOM” the masterful project that it is.  While nearly impossible to narrow it down to just a few songs out of the 14 records, my personal favorites off the project at the moment have to be “Nothin Betta”, “Pride”, and “Tell Em That”. I’m just one guy though, so take what I say with a grain of salt and form your own opinion using the streaming link below!