Bloodbath – [Austin Skinner]

Austin Skinner isn’t just the homie, but if you’re somehow unfamiliar with the Virginia-born emcee, you need to know that he is one of the most compelling and entertaining artists in the entire underground music scene, and he has been making his own waves for quite a few years, at this point. He has worked with some extremely notable names throughout the years, and he always shines on these songs whether he’s the feature or he has the other artists as guests, but somehow the mainstream industry has overlooked his talents, and it’s about damn time that they start to listen up and pay him the respect that he deserves.

Well, if you didn’t already hear about it, Austin has a project called Rich Junkies dropping in just two short days, and considering this album has a whopping 34 songs on it, this isn’t your average, run of the mill mixtape, and I think it’s going to open people’s eyes to the potential and skillset that Austin has been showing off for years.

Normally, I wouldn’t be too hyped about this lengthy of a project because it’s just too long in the current day and age of music, but he has more than enough dexterity and versatility to keep things as fresh as possible all on his own, so I think we’re in for a real treat in just a couple of days. I think with this many songs, there is bound to be a slew of music videos, and the party is kicking off with the One High-shot visual for his amazing JamesSTFU and StarBoyRob-produced single “Bloodbath”.

This one might be simple, but the different black-and-white shots that mix in a plethora of scenes including parking lot parties, crazy concerts, and various other activities definitely get me beyond excited for the project to drop on April 27th. Once it’s out, I already know that the world is going to see what the DMV phenom has the potential to achieve, and I can’t think of too many others who deserve it more than Austin Skinner, so tap in with the “Bloodbath” visual below and get ready to bump Rich Junkies at the highest possible volumes in your car, on your speaker, and at any function to really get people going.