blood 3’s – [Tony Velour] x [Feardorian] x [Quinn]

Tony Velour tasks his fast-paced iridescent sound to flip Blood Orange’s Charcoal Baby, providing an explosive instrumental framing his sharp vocal performance alongside Quinn and Feardorian with their latest collaboration, blood 3’s

A common thread that lives within artists able to experience longevity in their careers – a rarity in contemporary artistry – is the drive to evolve, and the prolific Atlanta-based rapper, producer, and songwriter Tony Velour has never let his sound stagnate. Throughout his storied discography, Tony has consistently built worlds of compelling soundscapes paired with authentic aesthetics, no matter what genre-bending approach he’s experimenting with. Tony grew in prominence adjacent to the ‘Hyperpop’ era, as he was among the brief roster of artists spearheading a refreshing visceral sound alongside artists like Dylan Brady and Injury Reserve, who were similarly able to emerge from the fleeting era of maximalist sound. Tony’s boundary-challenging artistic output has always resonated with the underground’s cult-like audiences, and on his latest EP, CHANN3L 3M, Tony delivers another tastefully avant-garde product. Filled to the brim with shiny synths, booming percussion, and high-adrenaline vocal performances, Tony is having fun, and it tangibly bleeds through on track 3 of the project, blood 3’s, and it’s a certified earworm.

Linking up with Feardorian and Quinn on this track brings a mountain of expectations, but the three delivered, and every aspect of the track is firing on all cylinders, providing an ethereal sound grounded by the instrumental’s speaker-shaking 808s. Tony has cleverly branded his recent era of releases with the term “3M” alluding to the parallels between his tracks’ undeniably present lyricism and glossy sonics and its resemblance to the reflective material seen on safety apparel often worn by emergency personnel and/or Buschwick hipsters cosplaying blue-collar workers. Not only does the track sample one of my favorite songs of all time, but it completely transforms it into a track that could only be assembled and released by Tony Velour, a testament to the one-of-a-kind sound he has carved out and preserved throughout the years. Tap in with their track, blood 3s, using the links below.