Bliss / Slip Under – [Freddie Sunshine]

The holidays are a time for happiness, friendship, and togetherness, and part of this means going to family parties. While I was at a party this past weekend, my cousin’s fiancé surprised me by mentioning he used to produce music pretty frequently, and after going down that rabbit hole of all sorts of music talk, he threw out a few local artists to see if I was familiar. Although some names had rung a bell, I wasn’t completely confident that had actually listened to these musicians, but I love the music scene here in the city and I wanted to make sure to give them a listen as soon as I got the chance.

One artist that was mentioned is Freddie Sunshine, a super imaginative and intriguing musician who has been DIYing almost every facet of his career for years, and when I know someone is as hands-on as Freddie, I know that the quality and creativity are going to be through the roof. As I assumed, this is the case, so when I tapped in with a little 2-pack of records he dropped a few weeks ago entitled “Bliss” and “Slip Under”, I was instantly converted into a fan.

Both songs are created in a very consistent vein, using this indie hip-hop/rock aesthetic that has grown on me and thousands of other listeners throughout the past couple of years, but the way Freddie provides his own unique twist on this sound is what really captured my attention. While there is so much individuality throughout both tracks, I think one of the most prominent innovations is the effects he decorates his vocals with.

Even though they have this more grungy, distorted vibe, I feel like they play off of the guitar riffs and more rock-inspired elements of the records impeccably. Not only this, but Freddie’s distinct charisma and lyricism provide even more intricate layers, adding up to two tracks that get me excited to hear even more. Freddie Sunshine already has a loyal cult following and years of experience under his belt, so the only thing I’m eager to find out is what he’s going to put out next!