Blindfold – [Gunna] ft. [Lil Baby]

There are certain dynamic duos who simply elevate each other on all fronts no matter what industry or profession you look at. When it comes to rap music, Gunna and Lil Baby are two of Atlanta’s most in-demand superstars without a doubt in anyone’s mind, and it has been this way since even before their “Drip Too Hard” days. While they simply seem to make each other better, they also make one another work harder as if there’s an unspoken challenge between the two to try and outdo the other artist. Either way, there is never any love lost because they both just compliment each other seamlessly and there hasn’t been a single time where one has truly overshadowed or outshined the other, and I’m not sure that day will ever come knowing just how talented the two rappers are.

Even the release of the deluxe version of Wunna didn’t take away from how incredible “Blindfold” was off of the original, and it once again shows the duo at the top of their respective games. Considering that Wunna was a massive success and I don’t want to bore you with a repetitive explanation of the song itself, I’m going to dive right into the brand-new music video that the tag team just released. The video starts out solely focused on Gunna, which makes sense because Lil Baby doesn’t come into the song until a little later anyway. Gunna is wandering through a forest wearing a camouflage blindfold, feeling around for trees to guide him through the woods. Although I’ve never seen the movie Bird Box in its entirety, the overall theme of this music video is giving me major vibes that are along the same lines as the hit Netflix movie.

Another scene shows the rapper outside of some building as his blindfold is connected to another blindfold by a long, rolled-up sheet of some sort. This other blindfold is worn by Lil Baby who’s standing in the distance, and although we don’t get a great look at him quite yet, this is our first glimpse of the other artist in the song. About a minute in, the song cuts out as momentous sound effects and a thumping heartbeat are played during a scene where Gunna jumps into a boat to paddle away. After this scene, a gunshot is heard and the song starts back up, this time with Lil Baby front and center along with Gunna once again.

The two rappers make their way to a street with overgrown weeds that cover numerous luxurious cars. As they feel around, each artist hops into a separate Lamborghini and speeds off to a safe house somewhere where they finally disperse of their masks. Inside this compound, the two rappers hangout around a pool table and recite their bars, but this is pretty much where the plot comes to an end. When it comes to some of the effects used, certain animations are utilized to transition from scene to scene and other camera angles and strategies can be seen throughout, but the storyline that was created was definitely the most attention-grabbing part of the visual in my opinion.

When it comes to this song, Gunna and Lil Baby could have taken the easy way out and created some simple and boring visual where they flexed their cars, jewelry, women, and other luxuries, but they wanted to do a track that’s already undoubtedly a hit justice. This is exactly what they did, and I could be biased because I love both the song and any music video that has even the slightest hint of a plot or storyline, so seeing two of my preferences come together is just a recipe for success in my book. It’s also just abundantly clear that the two stars have this unbreakable bond whether it comes to their verses in the song or the parts where they assist each other in the video, so I always enjoy seeing them team up and bring new offerings to life. “Blindfold” is one of the best songs off of Wunna, which is an incredible project in and of itself, so make sure you don’t sleep on the brand-new music video that now accompanies this hit.