Blast Off – [PGF Nuk]

Chicago is full of young, talented, and hungry emcees who make a case as to why they’re next up on a daily basis. While there are way too many genres to even name off the top of my head, I feel like PGF Nuk is certainly a talent who has the drill scene on lock, and after listening to quite a bit of his music, it just feels like his competition in the industry comes nowhere close to touching his skills.

Luckily, Nuk is back with a brand new video single titled “Blast Off” that dropped just a few weeks back, and even though fans are already raving about it, I couldn’t resist and needed to jump in on the fun. The song brings a crisp and exhilarating sound to the drill scene in the city, but when you hear any of Nuk’s previous hits, this isn’t surprising in the slightest.

The Film Giants-directed video for the single is nothing short of compelling, featuring hard-hitting scenes and a high-octane performance from Nuk and the rest of his crew. The video is set in a cramped but intense setting as well as another scene where blank TV screens, neon lights, and special effects decorate his rearview, adding to the overall intensity of the hit. The fast-paced camera work perfectly complements Nuk’s deliveries, per usual, making the video an engaging and exciting watch.

The song itself is a banger thanks to the personality-driven, direct bars that the emcee spits over a thumping beat. The chorus is memorable and noteworthy, making it easy to rap along with in a matter of just a couple of listens. Nuk’s uniquely aggressive style makes him stand out from other artists in the drill scene, and “Blast Off” showcases this perfectly. The song is an anthem for anyone who needs a little boost of momentum to keep their day going, and Nuk delivers his message with poise and proficiency.

At the end of the day, this record is a fantastic addition to PGF Nuk’s consistently growing discography. Both the song and video are top-notch, and Nuk’s potential is truly unbelievable. “Blast Off” is a masterpiece for anyone who is a fan of Chicago’s most notorious subgenre, and I think it’s safe to say that PGF Nuk isn’t someone to mess with after building one of the most notable career foundations in recent memory.