Black Waters With Cinderella – [Rio Mutasim]

We have yet another great project to share with you guys today, and this time it comes in the form of Rio Mutasim’s brand new project titled “Black Waters With Cinderella. Rio Mutasim has been featured on our pages a couple times way back in 2015, and today he is returning with this impressive new tape. The main thing that impressed me on this one was his harsh & aggressive lyricism that he displayed on every track provided, as well as the great production throughout the tape. Along with the release of this project, Rio left us with some words saying:

I fell in love.. with a caged bird, an innocence, an angel. One who didn’t know she could fly, and I did all I could to break down her walls, only to Imprison myself. I took my caged bird for granted, all that she was and all that we shared. I eventually lost the thought of saving her and focused on saving myself, by ruining my health and running to company who only left me feeling more alone. I forgot about her, and now that the cage no longer holds her back.. my caged bird decides to fly away.