Black Lives Matter – [Teejayx6]

Ever since I’ve learned about Teejayx6, I haven’t known him to make any extremely serious songs. It seems as if a lot of his music almost trolls other rappers considering he rarely stays on the beat and often goes into detail about the various illegal activities he partakes in, especially his scamming tendencies. While I’m a fan of many of his songs for these uncharacteristic approaches he takes, I can only typically listen to them once or twice before I feel the need to move on. With all of the social and racial injustices that have thankfully been brought to the forefront of people’s attention recently, individuals haven’t been keeping quiet which is truly an incredible thing. Seeing citizens, whether they have a massive following or a platform to share their thoughts and help make a change or not, come together and speak out against the inequalities that have plagued the black community for centuries is truly inspiring. Although change isn’t going to happen overnight, ignorant and unintelligent people who have refused to acknowledge these very real and explicit injustices for years now have no choice but to pay attention. Protests and riots are all over news outlets and social media and will continue to consume headlines for the foreseeable future, forcing these obtuse, foolish people to take notice and hopefully realize how chauvinistic they’ve been for way too long.

Going back to Teejayx6, he decided to use his platform to release a song preaching the name of this very important current revolution that’s taking place, naming the track “Black Lives Matter”. He even recruited legendary producer TM88 to make the beat for this track, adding even more validity and drawing more attention to it than ever before. I was slightly nervous going into this track because I know how many Rap fans don’t necessarily respect or understand Teejay’s uncharacteristic music and with such a powerful message, I was hoping it wouldn’t be misconceived. I’m pleased to say that this is clearly his most meaningful and serious song to date, and he touches not only on what’s going on in today’s world but also how he feels personally as a black man in America.

TM88 creates the production through some airy yet intense synths, resounding, echoing percussion, and toned down, calm drums that add a sort of organization to an otherwise tumultuous scene. He shouts out the late George Floyd right at the beginning, paying homage to the man whose life it, unfortunately, took to create this long-awaited uprising. As Teejay begins spitting his bars, the natural aggression in his voice shines through and you can tell just how important this topic is to him. He is more on the beat than ever and it helps to follow along with his narrative in this rhythmic fashion rather than his typically more offbeat flows, but either way, I think his point would definitely shine through regardless. While his cadences aren’t as masterful as some of the huge mainstream rappers that come to mind, that’s not the point of this track whatsoever and it’s probably the least important aspect of this song. Obviously, Teejay goes into great detail about police brutality and how black people are getting murdered for no reason whatsoever. After mentioning this, he talks about how everyone’s just going to continue looting white businesses because protests can never be peaceful when the police get involved considering they take things to another unnecessary level for no reason at all. Furthermore, he takes this a step further and brings this situation to a more personal level for himself. He does this by asking how his mom is supposed to sleep at night knowing that the police are just going to keep killing innocent African Americans and how his own life is clearly at risk at the same time.

Once again, Teejayx6 might not be known for his extremely passionate or meaningful lyrics in his typical musical offerings, but this isn’t a normal song or a normal cause for the rapper. You can hear just how strongly he feels about this topic, as so many people around the world do including myself, and I give him so much credit for using his platform to share his voice and continue to flood the media supporting the Black Lives Matter movement because it can’t be brushed off to the side any longer. He also released a very violent and intense video for this track, but rather than including himself in the visual, he just compiled a bunch of clips of previous police brutality instances, looters and riots, and other eye-opening events that have unfolded before our eyes recently. This video is very graphic and can be hard to watch, but it’s what has been happening to innocent black people for decades, so people need to stop turning away because they’re appalled by the results. Instead, they need to use these videos and instances as fuel to continue the rebellion until equality has an equivalent meaning for everyone no matter what their race, gender, or sexual orientation is. I’m assuming if you’re reading this you agree and if not, a major reevaluation of your life is needed for you and the people around you in order for a change to truly be made. After all, Black Lives Matter so much and a major transformation needs to be made, so please join the movement and do whatever is in your power to help the cause. If you need a little more fuel for your fire beyond the things you’re seeing in the news and on social media, “Black Lives Matter” by Teejayx6 should surely get you passionate about making a much-needed change.