bit my tongue now my mouth is bleeding / Marry Me – [Lil West]

In his home state of Delaware and beyond, Lil West is one of the most promising experimental talents in rap that we have right now, period. His unpredictable style and constant range of emotions take listeners on a sonic journey every time, and there truly is no one like West in the game right now. Today, the rising talent hits Lyrical Lemonade with his latest video, “bit my tongue now my mouth is bleeding / Marry Me”. Produced by PinkSlip and directed by Shane J. Smith, this chaotic visual release is a peek inside the ever-changing, eccentric world of Lil West. Both parts of the video are equally as chilling, and by sticking to his guns no matter what, this Delaware native is ready to garner the music world’s attention as the year goes on. That being said, watch the newest music video from Lil West at the link below and give him a follow on¬†Twitter here!