Biscuit – [Shakewell]

I owe a lot of credit to certain artists for allowing me to dive deep into the world of underground music because certain emcees just made this sonic world so intriguing and dexterous that I couldn’t get enough of it. Artists like Pouya, Fat Nick, Germ, and many others all worked closely together, making it a natural transition from one musician to another due to their similar styles, but despite these similarities, they all brought something different to the table making them artists that I simply couldn’t ignore.

One person can’t be excluded when discussing this group, and that is Shakewell, because he always brought so much personality, energy, and aggressiveness to every single song he contributed to, and that hasn’t changed whatsoever. Every time he drops something I have no choice to tune in because I’m literally never disappointed, and his latest song “Biscuit” is no exception, so I couldn’t help but talk about the brand-new Vixxion-directed music video that accompanies this record.

In typical Shake fashion, this one opens up with a warning that pretty much says all of the drugs, guns, violence, and other things occurring in this video are just props and are meant for entertainment purposes only. After this, we are shown what appears to be home video footage of a peaceful family’s trip to California. They visit the Hollywood sign for some pictures, head to the Hollywood walk of fame, and hang out with Micky Mouse at Disney Land before taking a wrong turn which leads them into some dangerous and run-down areas of LA. They decide to pull over and ask for help, but they asked Shakewell’s crew for directions which was their first mistake because they run up on them and hi-jack their car, taking it for a spin around the city.

Continuing on with the homemade aesthetic, the cops pull up on them as they tag a wall, but this only lasts for so long before one of his homies grabs the officer’s gun, causing him to stop in his tracks and allow the group to go on their way without any trouble for them. After this, things go smoothly for the rest of the day as they head to various settings including the skatepark, the trap house, and a few other places as well. Shakewell seriously never disappoints with his music or his visuals, and “Biscuit” is just another addition to his constantly growing hot streak, making it a video you need to check out immediately.