BILLI – [EARTHGANG] ft. [Future]

Although I have been known to mention Atlanta in the past as a place that is just a stereotypical hip-hop destination and other regions deserve as much credit as the Georgia capital, the artists here make some of the most insane music in the entire world, and they definitely help ATL live up to the massive amounts of hype that it gets.

What I love about this city is the fact that there are so many different sounds and styles coming from the emcees that call this place home, but no matter how different they may sound, they always find a way to collaborate which leads to some of the most unexpected but incredible songs of our generation. EARTHGANG is one duo that I try and show appreciation to every chance I get, and with the release of their album Ghetto Gods earlier this year, they just further proved my point that they’re some of the best spitters in the game.

One of the most unexpected yet remarkable songs off of the project had to be “BILLI” featuring Future, and when I saw that they dropped a Mac Grant and Chad Tennies-directed music video for this absolute smash hit, I couldn’t wait to check it out. This one begins in a museum after hours as there seems to be an art heist underway, but instead of being secretive and stealthy, the artists and their crew make as much noise as possible, taking everything in their path without even attempting to be careful or secretive.

This leads us into the board room of what appears to be a bank or jewelry store where two gentlemen are tied up as the rappers and their crew throw money up in the air, proving their dominance over these people who probably thought they were actually in charge at one point in time. The video then comes to a screeching halt without a single glimpse of Future, but with a “To Be Continued” message to send us off, I am beyond eager to see what the next installment of this series is going to look like because I already know it’s going to be fantastic.