Big YBA keeps it rolling with “Lord Forgive Me.”

North Carolina has something really special in Durham product Big YBA. His latest track “Lord Forgive Me” shows exactly why.

At the core of my love for music comes the thrill of making a musical discovery – something that many avid listeners know too well. That feeling when you stumble upon something so good you can’t wait to send it to your people to enjoy alongside you. For me, this originated in the SoundCloud era, endlessly scrolling the stream for hours just hoping to find something that struck a chord. Thankfully with this job at LL, a lot of those tracks I would’ve spent hours looking for fall right into my lap. So is the case with this joint right here.

“Lord Forgive Me” has multiple facets to make it a song that suits my listening habits, firstly, with an incredible instrumental that features a faded, high-pitched vocal sample playing in the background. There’s something about that style of beat that locks me in. Secondly, the storytelling ability that YBA possesses and the skills he has in delivering those stories. A southeastern drawl, precise flow switch-ups, and unique adlibs make his work feel different than the typical. I want to point out how much I enjoyed the drawn-out adlibs in comparison to typical ones that I hear – these added another layer of sound that I haven’t really heard like before.

The video, produced by NORATCHETTS and the Creative Cartel, is a high-def, exceptional work of cinema that only adds more value to the track. Beautiful camera shots, zooms, masks, and special effects are just some of the traits it possesses that make it so valuable, but the most important is that it really encapsulates the feeling of the track. It’s hard to explain in words but check out the video for yourself (below) and you’ll understand, too.

As I went back through his discography shortly after listening, it was obvious he’s a gem that many will come to know soon enough – and I think “Lord Forgive Me” shows exactly why. Go peep on YouTube below!