Texas has always been a place that has been grossly overlooked in the music industry. Sure, there are world-renowned artists like Travis Scott, Megan Thee Stallion, Maxo Kream, and plenty of others, but it’s the underground scene that truly has me mesmerized. There are countless emcees who I could go into heavy detail about, but when I was put onto BIG TEEZO recently, I knew that he was probably going to be the emcee that I was most excited about and that enthusiasm spreads beyond Texas and into the overall underground scene.

The Missouri City, Texas native is a part of the ØUTLAW collective, and one of the homies always tells me about new releases either from artists in this group or talents connected to this crew one way or another, so when he mentioned that TEEZO dropped a self-titled project recently, I didn’t want to miss out for another second. BIG TEEZO might only be 7 songs that last almost 15 minutes long but believe me when I say it feels like a much larger spectacle than it sounds. I mean, he evades all of the current cliché parts of rap like unnatural sounding, overblown vocal effects, and the overcompensating for a lack of talent that a lot of other artists can be found guilty of, and instead, he just leans on his natural skill set knowing that it’s going to be way more than enough to attract swarms of listeners.
It’s beyond obvious once you listen, but his personality is just so compelling no matter what song you’re listening to, his talents are extremely impressive, and his dexterity is pretty much unmatched for anyone on his level because the beat selection that is shown off throughout this project is as versatile and diverse as ever, but there isn’t a single moment where he seems to feel uncomfortable. DC the Don, one of my favorite rising stars currently, is the only other person included on this project for their song “MADAGASCAR”, a record that comes equipped with a 713Bran-directed cinematic masterpiece that you have got to check out before, during, or after you listen to the tape.
Whatever you might or might not have known about BIG TEEZO prior to the release of this project doesn’t matter, because this is the TEEZO that I hope continues to blow up and progress his career. So, make sure you don’t miss out on what is sure to be one of the most addicting projects to release in the entire underground scene all year so far and stay up to date with all the moves that BIG TEEZO is going to be making moving forward because I can assure you, they’re going to be huge.