BIG PERSONA – [Maxo Kream] ft. [Tyler, the Creator]

Maxo Kream is an artist who never fails to surprise me in all the best ways possible, and he seems to only be getting started. With so many dexterous flows and a very intriguing story to tell, he leaves me at a loss for words more often than not, and even though he is making waves in the music scene all over the world, I still firmly believe that he is an artist who is grossly underrated. While I’m always going to be a fan, I was beyond excited to find out he released a brand-new song entitled “BIG PERSONA” with none other than Tyler, the Creator, and the results speak for themselves.

Obviously, this wasn’t a collaboration I expected, but it’s one that was completely knocked out of the park once I heard it, and I was even more excited to find out that it’s a single off of his upcoming album Weight of the World which is due out in October, and I couldn’t be more ready. As far as the production on this track is concerned, we are introduced to a bunch of prominent horns that are reminiscent of the ones heard on Tyler’s album Call Me if You Get Lost before the beat drops, the horns are taken out for portions, and a more haunting melody is incorporated alongside intense percussion and booming drums.

Tyler comes in for the first verse, giving us some incredibly gritty yet impressive lines full of pliable flows and incredible cadences that are unique and one-of-a-kind. When Maxo comes in for his verse, he boasts some consistently confident bars that are reminiscent of a cadence he has become a master of, and his lyrics just seem to roll off of his tongue effortlessly, adding up to yet another flawless verse from the Houston phenom. This song is an all-out hit in every sense of the word, and the NotAChance-directed music video is no different, so make sure you check out “BIG PERSONA” as soon as you can while we patiently await Maxo’s upcoming album.