Big Glocks – [Pouya] & [Fat Nick]

In the new age of music, there are very few duos that are quite as notorious as Pouya and Fat Nick. While they might have very different deliveries, they just have a chemistry that was formed from their upbringing together as friends, and the way they work together is just unmatched. Nick has the natural ability to make unforgettable hooks while Pouya complements this with some of the hardest-hitting verses in the game, yet they have both proven that they can get out of their respective comfort zones and try all different sorts of things that usually end up more successful than anyone could’ve imagined.

A few months ago, they decided to drop off their long-awaited Drop Out of School 2 EP, and while I don’t quite think it can compare to the original project considering that’s a classic in my eyes, this tape is undeniably full of hits and new sounds that are going to continue to build the legacy that this super duo has already solidified for themselves. One of the most hard-hitting tracks, at least in my opinion, is the second song “Big Glocks”, so you can only imagine how excited I was to see the two Florida hitmakers team up with Julian Yuri Rodriguez to direct this movie.

Opening up, it seems as if the two artists had their lives fast-forwarded 50 or 60 years into the future as their makeup makes them seem like old men. Nick rolls up on a scooter to Pouya who is standing outside of his welding shop before they head inside and seem to create a blueprint for some sort of destructive weapon. Moving on, there’s a montage of the two building this machine which turns out to just be a couple of machine guns mounted on the front of Nick’s scooter. Although the concept might seem simple, of course, they have to test out their product, so they end up heading to a shooting range where they fire their weapons and make sure that they can truly cause some chaos if they needed to.

With pretty much all of the music videos these two artists put together, you can expect them to be as creative and thought out as possible, and this visual is no exception. Both rappers usually end up teasing their videos for weeks on social media as well, so seeing the finished product come together after so many small snippets is also an awesome experience. Finally, I just love how both of them have a very distinct sound individually, but they’re able to change things up and create a collaborative style that is as masterful as it is captivating, so I hope they never stop releasing additional contributions to the Drop Out of School saga. “Big Glocks” is just another banger in their arsenal of hits, so make sure you check out the music video as soon as you get the chance.