Big Dog – [Lil Eazzyy]

Lil Eazzyy had one hell of a 2020, and it might not be too outrageous to say that he had the best year musically out of most underground talents, especially in Chicago. What’s even crazier is the fact that his debut project didn’t even come out until the end of November, which means he really finished the year as strong as he possibly could have. Although his viral hit “Onna Come Up” came out months before, it was clear that Eazzyy was never planning on being a one-hit-wonder, and his EP Underrated definitely backed up his skills.

Fresh off of his Lemonade Stand interview here at Lyrical Lemonade, he decided to revisit the final track on his November project entitled “Big Dog” and bring the song to life in the form of an inspirational as well as aggressive music video. In this visual, he got the 3DN Media production company and director Chris Vergara to bring some of his eye-opening words to life, and I don’t think I’m alone when I say that the results are absolutely wonderful. As the video begins, the camera pans in on Eazzyy as he is shown almost in an interview-like setting.

Here, he discusses how he feels like he needs to continuously thrive and prosper, so he understands that if he doesn’t feel like the work he is putting in is good enough, he’s going to continue to go harder until he’s positive that he’s going to continue to rise through the ranks. After a few more wise words, we’re transported to some dingy warehouse where Eazzyy holds a rabid-looking dog back on a chain-link leash as he smiles and seems to fully possess the big dog mentality that he mentioned earlier in the visual. Although there aren’t an insane number of different scenes, interesting camera work, transitions, lenses, and other elements all come together to play a part in the music video, while Eazzyy makes sure to remain the star of the show throughout the entire duration of the visual.

Just the other day, I covered Eazzyy’s brand-new “Onna Come Up” remix featuring the one and only G Herbo, and I was not expecting to see additional new content this soon, so I definitely jumped at the opportunity to check this video out as soon as I saw it pop up on my news feed. Eazzyy is just such an easy (no pun intended) artist to root for because he lets his music do the talking and isn’t going to let the opinions of his naysayers come anywhere close to affecting him. I am on the edge of my seat to see what he has in store for us moving forward this year, but if it’s anything like 2020, Lil Eazzyy is going to be a name you’ll be seeing everywhere in the blink of an eye.