Big Dawg — [Rich Forever]

For day 1 fans of Lyrical Lemonade, it feels like 2016 all over again. Rich Forever is BACK after a four-year absence, treating us to an early Christmas gift with their latest single “Big Dawg.”

While both Famous Dex — who is and always will be a staple of the LL brand — and Rich The Kid have graced the channel seperately over the years, the Lyrical veterans, alongside Jay Critch, return as a collective for the infectious, off-the-leash posse cut.

As Dex’s “open that b***h, I’m a big dawg” hook instantly takes you back to he and Cole’s legendary run in 2016-17, the track itself is an unchained, carefree anthem. Simply put, let stank faces ensue; “Big Dawg” is all bark AND all bite. “Welcome back to the Dexter and Cole show,” Dex says.

In the Cole Bennett-directed visual, the iconic trio run with the dogs (literally) throughout the sunny and spacious backyard set. The yellow picket fence and bright pitch are the perfect backdrop for the long-awaited Rich Forever reunion. Despite dropping “Where’s Dexter” nearly a year ago, “Big Dawg” feels more fitting for a comeback — letting each member of RF remind you that they never left.

While Dex, Critch and Rich have flourished in their own lanes over the years (i.e. “New Freezer,” Jugg Season, Trust Fund Babies etc.), calls for the fifth Rich Forever mixtape continue to grow louder. We last saw Rich on the channel in 2020 for his video “Far From You,” as Dexter, one of the most important artists in Lyrical Lemonade lore, graces our pages for the first time since 2020.

No matter how many years they spend apart, it’s clear Rich Forever will never lose the glue that keeps them close. Stay tapped in for any updates on Rich Forever 5 hopefully on the horizon.

Watch “Big Dawg” below!