Big Big B’s – [Wemmymo]

Wemmymo has had his foot on our necks with the content lately, and yesterday his latest release came in the form of a brand new music video for “Big Big B’s”. Wemmymo has never been shy of releasing both high tempo music and visuals alike, and this new release is the perfect representation of just that, it finds the young bull Wemmy running around the city everywhere from notable streets in Lincoln Park & downtown to dope art galleries all while accompanied by his homies. Wemmy has been releasing a bunch of music over the past few weeks and it doesn’t look like he is slowing down, be prepared for more content from the kid soon. Take a few minutes of your time to get familiar with one of Chicago’s rising talents, and if you enjoy the song/video then be sure to give him a follow on Twitter here!

Directed by Teddy Demask • Photo by Alexander Paszkowski