Big Bad Wolf – [OhGeesy] ft. [YG}

I’m obviously a huge fan of the hip-hop movement out on the West Coast, and if you’re even remotely familiar with this region of Rap, you know that YG is basically as big as it gets in the current state of the scene. While he may be the mainstream face, OhGeesy and the rest of the previously dominant Shoreline Mafia crew are undeniably the faces of the underground. While this group might’ve parted ways and are taking on their own ventures, I think each member is thriving as much as ever, and I couldn’t be more excited.

As Geesy gears up to release his debut solo mixtape GEEZYWORLD Vol.1 later on in August, he decided to team up with YG for an amazing single entitled “Big Bad Wolf”, and the Austin Simkins-directed music video is simply a visual that I couldn’t help but write about. While these two take us to various different settings where they enjoy themselves, things open up in a strip club, unsurprisingly. As women dance around, there are certain shots that almost appear as if the two rappers are getting a private show while other shots show them with their extensive crews, sharing the wealth and fun with everyone else.

Another shot shows the rappers standing in a film studio in front of a blank backdrop, and while this might be the extent of things for other artists’ videos, they decided to incorporate a projector of some sort that shines various other clips on them as they continue to recite their lyrics and vibe out to the catchy track. While these are all great scenes, my favorite has to come when the two talents are together in an all-white shot surrounded by countless dollar bills, but instead of making it rain, makeshift snow falls from the sky onto them, adding a nice differentiation that I was a huge fan of. After listening, this song is clearly a hit in all senses of the word, so if you haven’t tuned into “Big Bad Wolf” by OhGeesy and YG quite yet, I highly suggest you do so immediately while watching this wonderful music video.