Beware – [Frank Leone]

A kid that caught my ear a little less than a year ago is Frank Leone, an artist who does not just spit out words, but puts meaning to his words – an artist that strives for something bigger and better with every release, and in my personal opinion, he is doing it all right. He is not your typical Eminem-inflenced white rapper out of the suburbs, he is a kid with passion, a kid with talent. Above, you can get a bit of a taste of what Leone is about, but “Beware,” there have been a few people that have taken offense to his message, yet I feel like everyone’s view on sensitive topics are slightly offensive to someone out there – they are just not comfortable with expressing them; that is why Leone is different, he knows the route he wants to take, he knows the message he wants to give, he knows the words he wants to say – and he does just that. Frank Leone has been grinding out hits for awhile now and this only adds to the list and raises anticipation for his soon-to-be released master piece, “Enter Wild.”

Directed & Edited by King Supertramp