Better Times EP – [Jay Wile]

The ever soulful and impressive vocal style of Jay Wile is returning to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade for his latest and immensely exciting new six-track EP, Better Times. This is Jay Wile’s first multi-track release of the new year and is an impressive and diverse follow-up to his 2019 EP, Somewhere in Mind. Amping up the soul-fueled a bounce of his R&B sound, Wile’s new project highlights growth while simultaneously feeding fans the same stellar attributes that first attracted listeners to his sound.

Better Times runs throughs peaks and valleys, each highlighting and showcasing Wile’s impressionable songwriting as well as his ear in production and its ability to not only accompany his vocal performance but steer it through its transitions. His opening record, “Don’t Be Late,” is riddled in matters of the heart that are met with bright guitar chords that leave an impression. It’s the subtle elements of the EP’s opener that prime you into the bouncy-dip of “Real Bad” and “Can’t Wait.” Both songs find Wile implementing a more dance-focused attitude from a production and vocal standpoint. These ebbs and flows continue throughout the project, specifically in the soft-spoken and soft-hearted love intricacy of “Anyway,” and the incredibly honest and personable testimony of “Right Soon.” Jay Wile manages a way to touch on every facet of the heart, body, and spirit. His ability in doing so, for a consecutive time only, furthers my admiration for his artistic career and the level of quality that has continuously shown itself. Perfect for an evening winding down or a brisk early morning, Better Times EP is not a project to overlook.

Listen to Better Times EP by Jay Wile below.