Better Late Than Forever-[Riovaz]

I’m just going to cut to the chase; Riovaz is one of the most talented artists I’ve gotten the chance to listen to in a minute and today he’s hopping on our blog for the release of his new EP called, “Better Late Than Forever”; a 5 song project that showcases every bit of talent Rio has, while foreshadowing all of the great things he’s got in the works.

A lot of our readers are probably already familiar with him, but just in case you’re not…Riovaz is an 18-year-old artist who hails from Jersey City, NJ. I’m not too familiar with the music scene out there, but Rio has motivated me to dive deeper into it since he is definitely putting that area on the map with the art he’s making right now. I first was made aware of this promising up and comer after the success of songs like, “Prom Night” & “I Feel Fantastic” which immediately made me a fan. Now, my fandom increases even more, with the release fo “Better Late Than Forever”. When describing Riovaz’s music, I have to be careful with my words since he truly cannot be boxed in to any one category or genre. This young talent just makes music for the people that is upbeat, lively and all around fun.

My favorite joint off of this EP has to be “God Save This Girl”. It’s been a whole day and I’ve probably streamed it over 100 times already. There are just so many dynamic elements that make Riovaz’s presentation so great, which is why it is now time for me to stop talking and let you all experience it for yourself. I’ve attached the link to the project down below, so give this one your attention and allow it to be the soundtrack to your weekend!